HALLS KIDS Sore Throat & Cough Pops - 10 Individually wrapped pops (2 pack)

Halls Kids


This bulk package contains 2 boxes of HALLS Kids Honey Apple Flavour Cough & Sore Throat Pops (10 individually wrapped pops per box, 20 total) Soothe a minor sore throat or comfort a cold-related cough with Honey Apple flavored pops from HALLS, the trusted cough and throat lozenge creators. Made with soothing menthol and real honey, these fun pops bring little ones temporary relief fast. Helping your child combat a cold or irritated throat is tasty with these flavored pops. Plus, the individually wrapped pops make it easier to provide relief at home, school, or on the go Each pop has 5mg of menthol and no artificial dyes or flavors. Only suitable for children 5 years and over; these pops may pose a choking hazard. Target gender: unisex


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